Women’s Boutiques 101: The Latest Fashion Trends and Fads in the 2010s

latest-fashion-trendsThe 2010s and its latest trends in women’s fashion have been interesting to witness, to say the least. The classic styles of yesteryear (skinny jeans) are now being combined together to form something new (leggings combined with jeans equals jeggings). The fashion trends of today are more inclusive as well, catering to all sorts of colors, skins, and genders outside the gender binary as you can see in many Women’s Boutiques around the globe. Thanks to having a black president, leftist and liberal values have run rampant in the fashion industry mixed with your usual influences with Millennial music genres such as dubstep, hip-hop, and EDM (as in the case of the rise of LED footwear and other clothing accessories). Most clothes show more skin as well to reveal tattoos and whatnot.

Fashion Is a Reflection of the Present Generation

* Fashion through the years has always been a reflection of the current generation. It’s their means of having a voice and projecting that voice to everyone in ways that are better than words and sentences. The Millennial woman of today (and her male counterpart) is a liberal, progressive, inclusive, and anti-establishment. The patterns, prints, and fashion colors of her wardrobe of choice is a reflection of her feminist ideals. If you are looking for the latest fashions check out http://www.310rosemont.com

* She is a girl who usually has loads of tattoos, celebrates women of all sizes and not just one size as dictated by magazines, and can be a bit anti-fashion with her semi-punk aesthetics and her colored hair. Remnants of previous movements and generations from the New Millennium can also be seen in the youth of the 2010s, with some people sporting a Goth look, a Hipster look, a Punk look, or even an Emo look with the fringe hair and whatnot.

* Other female youths in the 2010s have a less radical look to their more liberal counterparts (since no generation is a hivemind and there are other females who wish to go about fashion in other ways). There have also been separate fashion movements for POC or People of Color, from African Americans and their fashion influenced by hip-hop and the likes of Beyonce Knowles to Asian Americans and their fusion of eastern and western sensibilities.